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Adding to the series of interesting revelations courtesy Feroze Khan, here is another one. According to Feroze Khan actors who work on Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s script possibly work for free. Didn’t make sense? Well let us elaborate what the Khanni actor revealed on a recent talk show while addressing the reasons for not doing Meray Paas Tum Ho.

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The makers of the cult classic drama were originally planning on casting Sonya Hussyn for female protagonist. Whereas the much loved character of Danish was originally being planned for Adeel Hussain and later Feroze Khan. However things didn’t work out. Sonya Hussyn was being approached to play Mehwish however Sonya in a recent interview revealed that for her it was an extremely negative portrayal of women. So she turned down the role herself and in no way regretted doing so.

However it was still unclear as to why Feroze Khan didn’t make the cut?

In a recent TV show the Tich Button actor got candid about the issue. What he revealed is something very interesting and strange at the same time. Feroze revealed he had asked for compensation for playing the role which didn’t bode well with the writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar.

“I lost the show because I asked to be paid. I am not sure to what extent it suited Humayun Saeed to cast me in his production – that angle I am not aware of, but I do think Khalil sahib didn’t like the idea of an actor demanding money for performing on a script written by him.”

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When asked what he means by this, don’t actors get paid for their roles? He responded in a vague manner. He mentioned Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar claims that people call him up to work with him so “I don’t really know.” He further elaborated that the amount that he had demanded was not deemed suitable so that is why they didn’t go ahead with him.

Feroze didn’t shy away from speaking about the writer either. When asked if he could give a piece of advice to him he revealed his dislike for the man and advised him to let go of his ego.

“Apne aap se niklein. I have previously mentioned this as well that I am not a big fan of Khalil sahib since he has a lot of ego and pride in him, and then he has also said some awful things about my mentors. Moreover he made statements like ‘I have turned kings into beggars’ which I personally think don’t suit him. Sustenance and respect is given by Allah. Khalil sb should try to salvage himself in this situation.”

Feroze Khan recently announced a step back from showbiz to focus his energy on religion. He also talked about committing to his decision and what led to this decision. Watch the clip here:

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