Popular Pakistani actor and much followed celebrity Feroze Khan has announce that he is quitting showbiz. The actor had recently deactivated his Instagram account leaving fans and media puzzled. The action was followed by speculation that the actor has left showbiz industry. Feroze Khan had shared a picture with Maulana Tariq Jamil last year and his wife had recently shared on her Insta stories wishing her husband luck for his spiritual journey ahead. However no statement had been made by the actor.

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Feroze Khan is currently being seen in ARY Digital’s Ishqiya and has a feature film Tich Button on its way. The Khanni famed actor has a massive fan base and they had been wondering whether the actor has left the industry for good.

Earlier today Feroze Khan took to his Twitter handle to announce that he has in fact left showbiz. He would now only extent his services and use this platform if needed to spread message of Islam.

His announcement was followed by his fans congratulating him and wishing him well for the journey ahead. Last year actor Hamza Ali Abbasi had also announced a break from showbiz and use the medium to preach Islam. He had further stated that he would create content which is in lines with the teachings and limitations of Islam. Some drew analogy with Hamza Ali Abbasi’s decision as well.

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