Renowned religious scholar Maula Tariq Jameel’s recent prayer in Prime Minister’s Ehsaas telethon has created a controversy on social media.

Maula Tariq Jameel was invited to telethon on Thursday to say a dua for the public’s health amid current coronavirus pandemic. The contagious virus has infected over 12,700 people with death toll surpassing 270.

Maulana Tariq Jameel began by stating a hadith by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and stated four things that if a society lets go of they would prosper. Lying, dishonesty vulagrity and earning haram living. He also stated that our nation and media in particular are liars. Speaking about morality he laid emphasis on haya (modesty) and posed a question toward the society. He then placed blame on himself for not being able to preach the nation to adopt modesty and sought forgiveness from Allah.

Ikhlaaq Ka Sab Se Ooncha Maqam, Hay Hai. Ab mein kaisay baat karu. Merey daish mein haya ko kis ne tar tar kiya? Merey daish ki betiyo ko kon nacha raha hai? Unn ke kapray, libhaas mukhtasar kon karwa raha hai? Ye kiski gardan mein main ye gunnah daalu? Mein mujrim hu. Meney apni qoum ko nahi samjhaya. Mein Allah se maafi mangta hu,” said Maula Tariq Jameel.

“When a Muslim’s daughter practices immodesty and the youth indulges in immorality, then Allah’s torment is unto such a nation.”

Soon after the telethon, Maula Tariq Jameel was top trending topic on Twitter as users seemed to have two opinions on this matter. Many celebs have spoken up as well on the dua of Maula Tariq Jameel.

Khanni star Feroze Khan had something to say about current controversy as the actor took to Instagram.

Maula Tariq Jameel Sb Should Only Be Responsible For What He Says And Not What Anyone Understands,” said Feroze Khan in his Instagram story.

Hamza Ali Abbasi also shared his views about the cleric,

Actress Veena Malik took to Twitter as well where she had something to say about the journalists and Maulana Tariq Jameel’s speech.

Koi Chand Rakh and Yarriyan actor Muneeb Butt took to social media where he said that in his eyes the respect of Maula Tariq Jameel has now further increased.

Reality show host and social media influence Waqar Zaka stated on Twitter that we do not deserve people like Maula Tariq Jameel and he apologized to him on the behalf of journalists.

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