Note:- Box office numbers are tracked & reported exclusively in Pakistan by trade team of Boxofficedetail. Numbers provided here are unofficial estimates.

Harrison Ford starrer The Call of The Wild has done pretty well in its second week at Pakistani box office. Made at a reported budget of whooping $ 135m, the adventure drama has roped in over $ 84m globally by the close of second week.

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The film has topped $ 50m at domestic market while dipping 46% in second week. The film has done reasonably well in Pakistan as well in its second week. The film which opened slow in its first weekend by collecting little over PKR 1.8 million has now topped PKR 5 million by the end of 14 days of its business.

As per estimates, The Call Of The Wild has roped in around PKR 2 million in its second week dipping mere 33% compared to first week and taking its aggregate till now around PKR 5 million.

Below is film’s weekly estimated boxoffice breakdown in Pakistan.

Week One.. 3 million
Week Two.. 2 million
Total.. PKR 5 million

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The hold in second week has enabled The Call Of The Wild to retain good number of shows at multiplexes in third week as well and we will see a good hold this week too.

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