Note:- Box office numbers are tracked & reported exclusively in Pakistan by trade team of Boxofficedetail. Numbers provided here are unofficial estimates.

Paramount’s Sonic The Hedgehog saw release in Pakistan this Week and the film has seen a reasonable start on its opening day in Pakistan though the start is not a big one. Based on Sega’s video game, the film has roped in around $ 122m from North America whereas global tally stands around $ 218m.

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Sonic The Hedgehog has collected an estimated PKR 1.3 million on its opening day from Pakistan. The film had seen a two weeks late release in Pakistan otherwise this number could have been a little higher.

The film has a fair total on board after opening day and if it can show some growth over the weekend then we might see the film hitting PKR 5 million mark which would be a good opening weekend.

The film’s opening day numbers are fourth biggest of 2020 for Hollywood films after Birds Of Prey, Bad Boys For Life and The Grudge.

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