Note:- Box office numbers are tracked & reported exclusively by trade team of Boxofficedetail in Pakistan. Numbers provided here are unofficial estimates.

Zulfiqar Shaikh directed romantic drama Sacch is about to complete its seven weeks run at domestic market. Hum Films presentation has actually done a very reasonable business at the box office so far.

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As per estimates, Sacch is touching PKR 11 million as the film nears its 50 Days run at the box office. Even though it’s not a big number on the paper but looking at the face value and promos of the film, this is actually a very decent number. The film is about to complete 50 days run which is a feat not enjoyed by many films these days and Sacch is about to hit that mark.

The film still has a show or two at some cinemas and it will keep adding few more lacs in coming weeks and we can expect the lifetime numbers to reach PKR 12.5 million.

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The film’s numbers are actually better than many small films of recent times which were targeting similar target audience.



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