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Paranormal horror flick Record has fared poorly in its opening week at Pakistani box office. The film had nothing going in its favor from day one and the box office results have been disastrous.

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The film had a dismal start on Friday and it stands tall as the best day for the film as film saw falling collections over the weekend followed by lights out over the weekdays.

As per estimates, Record has registered a little under PKR 6.5 lacs in its opening week and it looks like that there won’t be much coming after the first week. Below is the film’s daily estimated box office breakdown for the opening week.

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Friday.. 2lacs
Saturday.. 1.5lacs
Sunday.. 1lacs
Monday.. 0.51lacs
Tuesday.. 0.63lacs
Wednesday.. 0.45lacs
Thursday.. 0.39lacs
Total.. 6.48lacs

The opening day of the film has contributed around 31% of the whole week which pretty much tells the whole story. The film will find it tough to even hit PKR 1 million mark from here.

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