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Pakistani horror paranormal flick Record saw its release this Friday in Pakistan. The film had gotten good number of shows as there was no major holdover release but still number stayed on very low levels.

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The film stars a very fresh cast which includes Faisal Akhtar, Sarah Asghar, Inayat Khan and Maharukh Rizvi. Record had no face value hence making it tough at box office. Paranormal films always have a limited audience and if Record had hit that audience properly then the results would have been better.

The film has roped in an estimated PKR 2lacs approx on opening day which is a very low number and the film will need a miraculous turnaround from here to somehow hit some numbers at the box office.

Horror paranormal flicks usually don’t grow on Saturday that’s why its important for such films to open well. The film might not see any growth over the weekend and may even close the weekend around PKR 0.5 million.

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