Adeel Chaudhry, Fatima Effendi and Mariyam Nafees starrer Munafiq concluded three days back and the serial created a history. Sixty Episodes long Munafiq became first 7pm slot serial to enter top 10 and top 5 trending dramas of the week.

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Last year we saw Adeel Chaudhry starrer Bharosa Pyar Tera becoming first 9pm slot drama to enter top 5 and its Adeel Chaudhry starrer making history this year again.

Saleem Ghanchi directed Munafiq started couple of month back and took some time before picking pace. The serial got into top 10 six weeks back and has been regular part of top 10 trending dramas since. However, the serial also made into top 5 trending dramas twice.

Munafiq is second consecutive blockbuster for Adeel Chaudhry after last year’s Bharosa Pyar Tera. Even though Bharosa Pyar Tera stayed more weeks in top 5 but in terms of popularity and trending, Munafiq is ahead of Bharosa Pyar Tera.

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It must be noted here that both Munafiq and Bharosa Pyar Tera aired on Geo Entertainment. Keep an eye out on this space for more.


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