Emmad Irfani and Ghana Ali starrer Gawah Rehna is one of the major films to release in 2020. Based on Khilafat movement, Gawah Rehna is silver screen debut for Emmad Irfani who was last seen in drama serial Cheekh.

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We got hold of the Tahir Mahmood, the director of the film who exclusively talked about the film’s music, distribution and involvement of Turkish actor in the film.

The distributor of the film is not final yet but we will finalize it and announce in dew days. Music of the film is composed by Absar Khan under his record label Abby Records” said Tahir Mahmood.

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Since the film is based on Khilafat movement, Tahir Mahmood told that there is a Turkish actor “Mert Sismanlar” in the film and he performed really well.

Infact we have a Turkish actor in our film who traveled to Pakistan for the shoot of the film. We had great fun with him on the sets and he performed really well.” said Tahir

The shoot of the film was wrapped in October 2019 and Tahir Mahmood stated that the whole team of Gawah Rehna have given their best. He is very confident that the audiences will love the film.

Gawah Rehna was a very unique experience for me and the whole team. We all really loved it. The whole team has put their heart and soul in the film and we all have tried our best.” said the director.

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The film is expected to release later this year and we all are waiting eagerly to see the history of our ancestors in Gawah Rehna. Keep an eye out on this space as we will be bringing more news on Gawah Rehna.


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