Emmad Irfani and Ghana Ali starrer Gawah Rehna is one of the major films to hit the silver screens in 2020. The film is based on Khilafat Movement and is the film debut for highly talented Emmad Irfani. A bureaucrat by profession, it is also the directors debut in the industry as well. The film has an appeal to those who has an eye for content other than commercial masala. Considering that is what sells the most, the director is taking a bold move. What makes the film so special, the director revealed it all in an exclusive talk with boxofficedetail.

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Tahir Mahmood talked in detail about the script of Gawah Rehna. He stated how he wrote the script and how were the first reactions of the industry.

I was posted in Pakistan embassy in Turkey when I wrote the script. After completion I shared the script with the actors and fraternity. They didn’t know me but the script was so strong that every one responded positively. When I showed it to Qavi Khan sb, he said that he hasn’t read such a good script in last 10-15 years. This was a huge compliment coming from Qavi sb.” said Tahir Mahmood

Tahir Mahmood also said that the film showcases our history and narrative to the whole world and every Pakistani will feel proud after watching Gawah Rehna.

Gawah Rehna is basically a film on our own history and culture. We are telling the people about our forefathers. Generally the films have entertainment but our film has entertainment cum education. Every Pakistani will feel proud after watching Gawah Rehna as they will come to know about the sacrifices of our ancestors and they will see how glorious our history was” said Tahir

Tahir Mahmood also explained the inspiration behind writing a film on Pakistani history and why choosing a subject which included Turkey as well.

I used to watch Turkish dramas on the television and I always wanted to make a Pakistani product which Turkish people would watch and find relatable. Hence I went with Khilafat Movement.” said the director

Tahir Mahmood also stated that he has shown the film to major distributors in Turkey and they have loved the product and shown interest in it.

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The film is in the post production phase and when I showed it to the distributors in Turkey they liked it as well and showed huge interest in the film. Gawah Rehna will have a big release in Turkey as well.” said Tahir Mahmood.

Well it looks like Gawah Rehna will have a lot to offer and will be one heck of a journey of our ancestors. The film’s shoot was completed last year in October and it is in the post production phase right now. The film is expected to release in the second half of 2020.

Keep an eye out on this space as we will be bringing more exclusive news about Gawah Rehna.


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