Note:- Box office numbers are tracked & reported exclusively in Pakistan by trade team of Boxofficedetail. Numbers provided here are unofficial estimates.

Robert Downey Jr starrer Dolittle continues steady run in its second week in Pakistan. Universal’s extravaganza is made at a reported budget of $ 175m and it has collected little under $ 95m globally till now and will be hitting $ 100m over the coming weekend.

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The film had seen a respectable start in its opening week in Pakistan where dubbed version had done reasonably well. Dolittle has now roped in around PKR 1.8 million in its second week from Pakistan which is a fall of around 65% compared to the opening week.

Below is Dolittle’s weekly boxoffice breakdown in Pakistan

Week One.. 5.1 million
Week Two.. 1.8 million
Total.. 6.9 million

The film will be hitting PKR 7.5 million mark over the weekend and the target will be hitting PKR 10 million mark before the end of its run.

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