Note:- Box office numbers are tracked & reported exclusively in Pakistan by trade team of Boxofficedetail. Numbers provided here are unofficial estimates.

Robert Downey Jr starrer mega budget Dolittle has done quite well in Pakistan so far. The film has completed five weeks in Pakistan and the way it is going it should complete 50 days run soon.

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A film of Dolittle levels usually run out of gas in maximum two or three weeks in Pakistan but Dolittle has surprised so far with reasonable numbers and steady run.

As per estimates, Dolittle has roped in around PKR 0.6 million in it’s fifth week taking its grand total around PKR 10.6 million. The fall in 5th week is little over 50%.

Below is Dolittle’s weekly estimated Boxoffice performance in Pakistan.

Week One.. 5.1 million

Week Two.. 1.8 million

Week Three.. 1.8 million

Week Four.. 1.3 million

Week Five.. 0.6 million

Total.. 10.6 million

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Dolittle will hit PKR 11 million mark this week and there should be few more lacs coming afterwards and the lifetime numbers might go around PKR 12.5 million.


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