Note:- Box office numbers are tracked & reported exclusively in Pakistan by trade team of Boxofficedetail. Numbers provided here are unofficial estimates

Robert Downey Jr starrer Dolittle has done reasonably well so far in Pakistan. The film has completed four weeks run on a respectable note. Universal’s mega budget has minted around $ 162m globally in four weeks.

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As per estimates, Dolittle has clocked in around PKR 1.3 million in its fourth week from Pakistan which takes 28 days aggregate around PKR 10 million. This result is quite fair for a film like Dolittle as it was only riding on the face value of Robert Downey Jr. There wasn’t anything else going in its favor.

Below is film’s weekly estimated breakdown till now in Pakistan.

Week One.. 5.1 million

Week Two.. 1.8 million

Week Three.. 1.8 million

Week Four.. 1.3 million

Total.. 10 million

The drop in week four from second week is under 30% which indicates a very strong box office trending and the film will stay at cinemas for few more weeks.

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