Eid is releases are just 10 days away and it is getting exciting each day.. All releases are looking good and makers are extremely confident with their product.. In today’s episode we are gonna discuss that how important is Lahore in this clash!

Coming towards territorial importance Lahore has biggest potential when it comes to boxoffice and it usually tend to perform better for Hindi films especially masaala films or the ones with big casts!! In both these departments Actor In Law is ahead over other two releases, but in past films with hit music also get super start in the circuit which means Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay will be having potential in the circuit too!!

But looking at current promotions Janaan is looking to exploit Lahore the most and hence it would be interesting to see how Janaan will perform in Lahore and if it manages to reach Actor In Law in Lahore then that would mean fantastic start for the film.. Few places like Super Cinemas and Cinepax might open better for Janaan and these two places contribute a lot for Lahore Boxoffice..

Overall it will be very interesting to see how this circuit will perform as all three releases have strong pluses for their films in the circuit and more interesting will be how much show each film will get in the circuit!!


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