Eid Day Two is set to create new all time single day record for Pakistani Cinema.

With very early data coming in it looks like we are going to see a new all time record for a single day in Pakistan. Last year Eid Day Two had yielded around 6cr approx and this year we are heading toward a new all time high of anything around 7cr approx which is almost the total capacity of our cinemas right now. Eid day two of Eid Ul Azha almost hits the ceiling each year and numbers tomorrow will be close to current single day capacity of cinemas.

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 has massive growth today as film has seen increment in shows at many places especially in circuits of Punjab. Film is chasing all time single day record of Sultan which currently stands at 4.08cr. This number might prove tough to reach but film will be going around 3.65-3.75cr as per very early estimates.

Parwaaz Hai Junoon opened to very good response on Day One by collecting around 1.79cr approx and day two has seen a good pick. Film was already very High at high end plexes on day one but still day two is almost packed at many plexes and looks like we are heading toward over 2.25cr approx atleast as per very early trends. Load Wedding was slow on day one and has seen good pick today and numbers are heading in access of 1.25cr as per early rough estimates. Teefa In Trouble is also at cinemas with Eid Day Two heading over 20lacs taking grand total around 30.25cr approx.



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