Jurassic World Trailer Still

7 Din Mohabbat In and Jurassic World lead the Eid ticketing with big lead compared to other Eid releases.

It’s going to be Mahira Khan vs Jurassic World this Eid. Jurassic World is a big brand name in Pakistan as previous one had taken excellent start and then went on to do good business overall with excellent trending. But film stands opposite four local films which have taken away good number of shows from the film but still film will turn out winner over the Eid Weekend.

7 Din Mohabbat In is doing much better than one could have expected from it. Advance sales for the film are just behind Jurassic World with slender margin at some plexes. Despite poor promos and no hit music film has not only got good number of shows rather it is also getting decent advance sales at some multiplexes which is sheer star power of Mahira Khan. Even though film is out performing it’s expectations so far yet overall advance performance is very low. Usually a day before Eid has massive advance at the ticketing counters but this year almost all releases are relying on walk in footfall on Eid day. Situation is further bad for Wajood and Azaadi as advance is almost poor for both and both will be trying to cash on Eid day footfall. Going by the promos Azaadi is looking in better position compared to Wajood for Eid footfall especially at circuits.

Going by the advance trends Jurassic World will lead the Eid day followed by 7 Din Mohobbat In. At advance sales difference is not much between Jurassic And Mahira starer but at the end of day one Jurassic World will probably finish at top with good margin as advance sales are low for all releases and can’t be considered a perimeter to forecast numbers.


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