Multsitarrer Ehd e Wafa lights up our Sunday nights every week with very relatable story telling. The serial has been handling four different timelines for some time now. However director Saife Hassan intelligently keeps intersecting the four timelines in every episode while keeping intact essence and emotions of every timeline.

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Nineteenth episode of the serial aired this Sunday and we got to see the face off between Malik Shahzain (Osman Khalid Butt) and Shariq (Wahaj Ali). The clash between Shahzain and Shariq was the highlight of the episode and it was extremely well executed. At the same time it was acted brilliantly by Wahaj Ali. Wahaj’s performace has been natural from the start of the serial. His flow of dialogues and expressions have been natural and convincing throughout the show.

While it was heartening to see a positive take on life throughout the drama, we are glad that the drama’s narrative has matured with its characters as well. The show is doing well in terms of highlighting the intricacies of emotions be it love, hate, friendship or revenge between relations. Shahzain and Shariq’s unresolved hatred brings out an even more layered Shahzain than we had come to familiarize ourselves with. Osman Khalid Butt is well set in his avatar by now and we look forward to seeing how he pulls off this new shade of Shahzain that this episode has introduced. What intrigues us now is to see the lengths to which he goes to get ahead even at the cost of ones he once considered friends.

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Sheheryar (Ahmed Ali Akbar) is struggling with his career but he is playing the role of a messenger perfectly. He is the glue keeping the four friends connected, as he is consistently giving updates of Shariq and Shahzain to Saad (Ahad Raza Mir).

Saad and Gulzar Hussain’s (Adnan Samad Khan) have gone their separate ways as they excel as Army men. Their constant leg pulling and good intentioned competitions lightened the whole episode and brought smiles to our faces.

As far as the female lead are concerned we are loving Hajra Yamin as a strong and level headed individual who is always there for Shariq despite his missteps. Dua ( Alizeh Shah) also has our hearts for facing her issues head on and taking her relationship with Saad in the right and sensible direction. Rani ( Zara Noor Abbas) does have the entertainment value but we do hope to see her character further explored and given depth, than it has been.

The writer has conceived interesting characters and supplemented them with apt dialogues making the flow of the episode crisp and entertaining.

We did get to see the drama’s many characters in this episode, with all four main leads given equal screen space by Saife Hassan. Pace of the episode was very good which kept us on our toes through out the episode.

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We look forward to seeing what the next episode brings. For now this episode made us laugh and smile alongwith hating Shahzain for his betrayal. Will this animosity be given further fuel in upcoming epsiodes is what we look forward to.

How are you liking Ehd-e-Wafa so far. Do let us know!


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