This weekend we saw conclusion of two dramas i.e. Alif and Ehd e Wafa, both loved by the audience. Last night the grande finale of Ehd e Wafa aired on TV. The last episode was full of emotions, suspense and companionship (a theme that has been the backbone of the drama). With its twists and turns, the drama which proved to be a breath of fresh air, concluded on a positive note. While we are sad to see it go, viewers just can’t stop praising the drama.

Check Out The Review For The Last Episode Of Alif.

Some appreciated the theme of the drama, some directed appreciation post for some individuals involved in the project. The most heartwarming response was the tribute given to real life heroes of Pakistan Army.

Advocates of giving back benchers a chance.

One thing fans have consensus over is love for Gulzar and his humor

Appreciation post for the man who embodied Gulzar Adnan Samad Khan

Appreciation post for the director and writer for bringing this to television

While over all the drama focused on giving out a positive message, the female protagonist were inspirational. Empowered women are the future indeed!

Dua’s resilience! Alizeh Shah was all praise for playing the character all too well.


Some had something to say about that Abhinandan fixture in the finale

It was certainly emotional.

Tribute to real life heroes


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