2016 is coming to an end as year saw 27 major releases and only 6 of them emerging hits at boxoffice. An industry giving so less films a year need much bigger success ratio. But in this article we won’t discuss boxoffice at all as I will share my top five films of the year.

5. Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay:-

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay had best music album of the year with each and every track winning hearts. Film had some fantastic scenes and when it comes to performances film had best performances of the year. Even though there were few lapses in the direction and script but still strong performances by Feroze Khan and Sajjal Ali made this film stand out as one of the best romantic films to ever come out of Pakistani Cinema.

4. 3 Bahadur 2:-

Don’t get surprised by the inclusion of this animated sequel in the list which is getting applause from families in large numbers at cinemas these days.  Film directed by Sharmeen Obaid is superb when it comes to graphics, sounds, direction or script! Sharmeen had done splendid job with the prequel last year but with this one she raised the bar further and exceeded expectations.

3. Janaan:-

Janaa is sweetest film to come out of Pakistani cinema! Film had some very beautiful scenes and had some very  good dialogues too! Coming towards supporting cast, Ali Rehman Khan gave almost best performance of the year in supporting role and his character will be remembered for some time! And so was Hania Amir! Film did have some issues with the pace and direction but it was very sweet, light and extremely well shot!

2. Actor In Law:-

Now no one can shot film better than Nabeel Qureshi and in my opinion he is the best film director we have right now. He did good work with Na Maloom Afraad but with Actor In Law he has delivered perfectly! Film had marvelous performances by Fahad Mustafa and Om Puri and some very songs too! But there were issues with the script but when you had so much masala and superb direction and excellent performances then it’s a thumbs up!

1. Bachaana:-

This film was surprisingly brilliant in almost all departments! It was shot extremely well showing some very beautiful places in Mauritius. It had top notch direction by Nasir Khan and very tight script! Film had very fast pace which didn’t make you feel bored even for a single minute. Well film didn’t have something very unique but it was extremely balanced film of the year delivering well in all departments! And yes who can forget dialogues and performances of Sanam Saeed. Mohib Mirza seemed natural! Easily the best choice of the year!


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