Dobara Phir Se is latest installment of ARY Films and is second release of the month by distribution house. Film is a story of Zainab (Hareem Farooq) which has to take strong decisions in her life regarding her husband, kid and romantic life. Film stars Hareem Farooq, Adeel Hussain, Ali Kazmi, Sanam Saeed and Tooba Siddiqui in lead roles.

Film has strong message but a very weak and extremely slow story line. Coming toward such strong subject, films dialogues are always very important but Dobara Phir Se fails completely in that department. By the time you leave cinema hall there is not even a single dialogue of the film which you can remember and there is not even a single scene which you can say was extra ordinary.

Film does have some very good shots as it’s mostly shot abroad and Mehreen Jabbar has done well in that department but other than that there is nothing in the film which makes you say that I will watch this film dobara. Coming toward performances, film fails completely! Hareem seemed completely expression less in emotional scenes. Shedding tears in the emotional scene doesn’t make scene effective or make a strong performance, viewer must feel that emotion strongly and Hareem has failed to connect in that department. Adeel Hussain was completely flat, even in light scenes he couldn’t show a smile and it seemed he was in total disappointment and depression throughout the film. Ali Kazmi and Sanam Saeed has done very well and makes you say bravo for the performance and chemistry. Tooba Siddiqui was decent too! Best performance is delivered by Shaz Khan as huband of Zainab. He completely nails it with each dialogue and scene!

Film’s music is another low point of the film and it doesn’t have anything to offer. Film’s pace was okay in first half but in second half it is extremely dragged and you will become irritated towards the end of the film. There is no noteworthy dialogue, scene, humor, song or performance in the film which make you say yes it was worth my money, only Shaz Khan makes you say well done. All in All Dobara Phir Se fails to impress in any department other than beautiful foreign places shown!


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