COVID19 pandemic has hit the whole globe hard. Every sector is seeing an economical crisis as the contagious virus is spreading fast. Entertainment industry is hit badly as well as cinemas across North America are closed now. Cinemas are closed in most countries and they will remain closed for weeks to come.

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Governments are advising people to stay at home and don’t go out hence many studios are making their recent releases available digitally. Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot which just released a week ago in theaters will be available digitally early.

Now Disney has announced that Tom Holland and Chris Pratt voiced Pixar’s Onward is available digitally via Movies Anywhere at $ 1.99. Furthermore, the film will be made available at Disney+ in US early from 3rd April.

Onward was released early in the march and it has roped in around $ 103m globally so far. Keep an eye out on this space for more.


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