Dhoom 3 Movie Scene

Plus Points:- Excellent Aamir, Superb stunts and mind-blowing cinematography, good script with full of twists and turns , awesome climax and super hit music..

Minus Points:- Not upto mark direction and average performance by Supporting Cast.

Direction:- Every discussion on a movie starts from direction and here director is the true culprit.. When I was Going to watch movie only fear I had was “poor direction” as I still remember “Tashan” but director fails today again.. Its not horrible rather improved over Tashan but when franchise is Dhoom with Aamir Khan as lead you expect super huge, while Director is just average.. Script writer has done good job by writing a script that can make you stick to the seats for 3 hours but director seems lost here, many scenes seems useless.. You want to see what happens next, but you won’t want to see how it happens as director is not upto mark with work.. On the other hand stunt direction is superb, every scene is mind-blowing, every robbery is shown very well.

Script:- Aditya and Vijay has wrote it well, full turns and twists and climax is excellently written and brilliantly executed.. So complete thumbs up to script as it does justice to series name.

Performance:- Those who think that Aamir can’t do such roles must go and watch this, Aamir has nailed it.. Whole movie rides on his shoulders and he has done super duper brilliant work.. Katrina is also good but other supporting cast is not upto mark (May be I personally don’t like them)..

Overall:- Overall its very well written with Excellent visuals and stunts but with average direction, climax is super awesome.. Then Aamir is the stealer.. Even tough direction is average but you can’t ignore this one at all..


Business Rating:- 4.5/5

Critics Rating:- 4/5



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