Dhoom is one of the biggest franchises ever in the History of Hindi Cinema and Dhoom 3 is its latest installment which hits the theaters across the World on 20th December, 2013.. Movie stars Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Jackie Shroff.. Aamir Khan already has one Double Hundred collector at boxoffice in form of 3 Idiots and will he join that club second time with Dhoom 3?? Lets take a look..

Week 1:-

Friday.. 24cr
Saturday.. 26cr
Sunday.. 33cr..
Weekend.. 83cr
Monday.. 14cr
Tuesday.. 17cr (Christmas Eve)
Wednesday.. 23cr (Christmas)
Thursday.. 11cr
Week 1.. 148cr

Week 2:-

Friday.. 9cr
Saturday.. 12cr
Sunday.. 14cr
Weekend.. 35cr
Monday.. 5cr
Tuesday.. 6.5cr (New Year Eve)
Wednesday.. 9cr (New Year)
Thursday.. 3.5cr
Week 2.. 59cr

Week 3:-

Friday.. 3cr
Saturday.. 4.5cr
Sunday.. 5.5cr
Weekend.. 13cr
Monday.. 2cr
Tuesday.. 1.75cr
Wednesday.. 1.75cr
Thursday.. 1.5cr
Week 3.. 20cr

Week 4.. 6.5cr

Week 5+.. 4

Domestic Lifetime.. 238cr
Verdict… All Time Blockbuster

Overseas Lifetime.. 110cr
Verdict.. All Time Blockbuster

Worldwide.. 348cr
Verict.. All Time Blockbuster


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