Deadpool 2 Movie Still

Deadpool 2 has taken quite good start despite releasing mid Week and that too just two days before Ramzan.

Deadpool 2 has taken good start at boxoffice in Pakistan. Film saw a mid Week release and that too just two days before Ramzan. But still numbers have come better than most film released this year.

Movie raked in little under 1.5cr approx over the first two days which is quite good result. Number are little less than Black Panther which had normal Friday release and did 1.8cr in first two days. Numbers are less than previous Deadpool but it was always likely as release was mid Week with pre Ramzan effecting numbers and shows badly especially on Wednesday i.e. Day two of release.

Today will be interesting as today’s numbers will tell that how much Ramzan is going to effect the film. Numbers will come down today but still extended Weekend has chances of going past 3cr mark which would be very good result for a film coming just couple of days before Ramzan.


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