daniel radcliffe reading harry potter

It is time to revisit the magical world of Harry Potter with some of the industry’s finest!

Early last month J.K.Rowling had announced the digital platform ‘Harry Potter at Home’ and made a mention of an audio book. Now more details have been revealed. Daniel Radcliffe and several other celebs are teaming up with Rowling to read out chapters from the first Harry Potter installment.

The audio book of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is being released and Rowling’s company Wizarding World is teaming up with music streaming platform Spotify for this purpose. Moreover the videos of the celebs reading it will also be made available on the Harry Potter at Home website.

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Every chapter will be released on a weekly basis and it will be read by a different person. The complete book i.e. 17 chapters will be out by mid-summer.

Daniel Radcliffe is kicking off the initiative with ‘The Boy Who Lived’. The first chapter is now available on both platforms. Dakota Fanning, Stephen Fry, David Beckham, and Eddie Redmayne will also be narrating chapters from the book.

Whose chapter are you most excited about?


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