Poll Of The Day,”What you like the most in Jai Ho??”

Note:- Poll closes 11pm IST tonight What You Like The Most In Jai Ho??

Rate Trailer Of Jalaibee!!

Note:- Poll Closes 11pm PKT on Thursday (05 February)..   Rate Jalaibee Movie Trailer!!!

Off Topic,”Who Will Win Cricket World 2015??”

Who Will Win Cricket World Cup 2015!!

How Much Will ROY Collect On Day One

Note:- Poll Closes Saturday 14th February at 10am IST..     How much will ROY collect on Day One?

Rate Trailers Of Shamitabh!!

Note:- Poll Closes 11pm IST on Sunday (25 January)..   Rate Trailers Of Shamitabh

Poll Of The Day,”Which Of The March Release are you waiting for??

Note:- If your favorite is not in the list then add it in the others category. You can vote maximum two. Poll closes 11pm...

Rate Baby Film!!

Note:- Poll Closes 11pm IST on Friday (30 January).. How Was Baby Film??

Special Poll,”Rate Holiday Trailer Featuring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha?”

Note:- Poll closes 11pm IST Tonight   How was the Trailer Of Holiday featuring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha

Poll Of The Day.,”Which February Release are you most excited for??”

Note:- Poll Closes 11pm IST Tonight   Which Movie From February are you most excited for??

Rate First Look Of Brothers

Note:- Poll Closes 11pm IST on Thursday (12 March)..   How Was The First Look Of Brothers??
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