Cake Movie Promotions

Cake has seen a good hold on second Monday at domestic market.

Cake has seen very good hold on second Monday as numbers fell under 20% compared to second Friday. Numbers came little less than last Monday but last Monday was very low. Even though hold has come but numbers are on very low levels. Movie will wish to repeat last Week’s weekdays trending.

Film raked in 14lacs approx on second Monday taking 11 days total to 2.75cr approx. Film will hit 3cr mark on Wednesday or Thursday. Looking at the face value and genre film has collected respectable total so far but that is mostly due to good release strategy.

Below is film’s estimated business till now..

Week One.. 1.85cr

2nd Weekend.. 75lacs

2nd Monday.. 14lacs

Total.. 2.74cr

Film is heading toward a lifetime total of 3.5-4cr approx unless third Week surprises.



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