Cake Movie Still

Cake continues steady run but numbers remain on the lower side.

Cake has seen good hold in third Weekend as numbers saw very small drop compared to previous Weekend. But film already had low numbers in previous Weekend. Two new films had released this Weekend but both have opened to poor response which gave film some push over the Weekend.

Film raked in 60lacs approx in third Weekend taking grand total around 3.75cr approx. Movie is looking to hit 4cr mark by end of today. The Motorcycle Girl is hitting this Friday and has similar target audience as Cake. Even distribution house is the same hence Motorcycle Girl will give big blow to Cake.

Below is film’s estimated business till now..

Week One.. 1.85cr

Week Two.. 1.3cr

3rd Weekend.. 60lacs

Total.. 3.75cr

Film will close run around 4.5cr approx which is a decent result from 30lacs start.


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