Cake Movie Still

Cake and Motorcycle Girl continue steady run at some multiplexes despite good release flow.

With updated numbers coming both Cake and Motorcycle Girl have managed to rake in some good numbers despite release of biggies. Cake has done a little over 6.5cr approx till now and good proportion of this total came post Avengers release. Even though film couldn’t justify the big costs attached to it but still numbers are decent.

Film had started with very low number of around 30lacs. But standing at 6.5cr from that start is very good result. Film’s trending has been good and good amount of credit of this trending goes to release strategy of the film. Film is still having some legs left and will probably hit 7cr mark before end of it’s run.

Motorcycle Girl had poor first Week but film managed to have sustained run in next weeks at leading plexes due to over flow of Avengers. Here whole credit goes to release strategy as film had very poor trending in first Week but film has done almost 2.5 times more of first Week which clearly shows how overflow of Avengers helped film. Movie has raked in 2.45cr approx till now and will probably finish run around 3cr mark.


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