Bullet Raja collected 31.43cr in Week one at domestic market. Below is the daily territorial breakdown..

Friday..  6.22cr

Saturday.. 6.39cr

Sunday.. 7.32cr

Monday.. 3.41cr

Tuesday.. 2.94cr

Wednesday.. 2.66cr

Thursday.. 2.44cr

Total.. 31.43cr

Below is the Territorial breakdown of Bullet Raja for Week 1..

Mumbai.. 8.91cr

Dehli.. 7.76cr

East Punjab.. 2.74cr

CP.. 1.43cr

CI.. 1.37cr

West Bengal.. 1.46cr

Rajhastan.. 2.47cr

Mysore.. 1.48cr

Nizam.. 1.99cr

TNK/Assam/Orrisa.. 0.51cr

Others.. 0.47cr

Total.. 31.43cr



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