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No Indian Films At Cinemas :: ARY Saves The Day

We cinema footfalls are down badly in last three months due to no new release of Hindi films but it's ARY which has been pushing things forward. Even though three months saw no mega grosser but it did see a blockbuster like 3 Bahadur 2 which is on course to become biggest animated grosser of all time. Since the ban on Indian films there have been 11 Urdu releases among three by ARY Films. These 11 films have collectively added 22cr approx from which 20.5cr approx have come from three ARY releases.. In such bad times Lahore Se Aagey has managed to get 9cr approx at the domestic boxoffice whereas Doobara Phir Se has added little over 5cr approx.. But then comes the real film which saved the day i.e. 3 Bahadur 2! Film broke each and every record for animated films and is all set to become biggest animated grosser of all time by end of this Week.. Well in such bad times at cinemas film has shattered records and created new benchmarks which has helped cinemas in getting some footfalls back.. Below are top 5 local grossers since the stoppage of screening of new Indian films.. Lahore Se Aagey (ARY Films).. 9cr 3 Bahadur 2 (ARY Films).. 6.25+cr Doobara Phir Se (ARY Films).. 5+cr Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal (Footprint).. 75lacs Salute (IMGC).. 45lacs You can see top three are all ARY releases and in such tough times ARY Films have tried to keep things together. 3 Bahadur 2 is very big success and is a very good booster for the cinemas!

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3 Bahadur vs 3 Bahadur 2 10 Days Business Comparison

3 Bahadur released last year in May opposite Bollywood flick Tanu Weds Manu Returns and went on to collect 6.65cr approx becoming biggest animated grosser ever of it's time leaving behind previous big RIO 2 which had collected 4cr approx.. Film's sequel released this year and released amidst huge decrements of footfalls at cinemas and opposite Hollywood biggie Star Wars. First 3 Bahadur had collected 30lacs approx on day one and then went on to collect 1.3cr approx over the Weekend. This target was tough to achieve due to consistent fall in footfalls and consecutive flops at boxoffice since last few Weeks. But 3 Bahadur 2 not only opened a bit better on Day One but it also went on to collect 20lacs over the Weekend.. Similarly it collected 14lacs more over the first Week. Then in second Weekend 3 Bahadur had held the record of biggest 2nd Weekend all time for animated films but sequel has broken it with some distance. 3 Bahadur had collected 1.15cr approx in 2nd Weekend but sequel has left it behind by some 30lacs.. Below is 10 days daily business of 3 Bahadur 2 with numbers of prequel in brackets.. Friday.. 32lacs (30lacs) Saturday.. 55lacs (40lacs) Sunday.. 63lacs (60lacs) Monday.. 17lacs (20lacs) Tuesday.. (18lacs) 19lacs Wednesday.. 17lacs (18lacs) Thursday.. 15lacs (16lacs) 2nd Friday.. 35lacs (35lacs) 2nd Saturday.. 50lacs (40lacs) 2nd Sunday.. 60lacs (50lacs) Total.. 3.62cr (3.28cr) 3 Bahadur had held very firm on 2nd Monday collecting 25lacs approx and looking at 2nd Monday trends we can safely assume around 30+lacs second Monday for sequel which would mean film is heading for 2.5+cr 2nd Week.. With new year next Week and no major release in coming Weeks unless Hindi films make their way, we are going to see few more big Weeks for the sequel and All Time animated grosser record is a looking on cards but margin will be interesting to look forward to!

3 Bahdur 2 Second Weekend Business Pakistan :: Super Fantastic

3 Bahadur 2 repeats first Weekend as it sees no fall this Weekend over previous Weekend.. Film saw houseful result all at leading plexes of Karachi and Islamabad. Even Lahore saw a pick and saw few houseful shows.. No big release over the Christmas has really helped the film as it retained shows from first Weekend and saw fantastic response.. As per early estimates Weekend is looking to go in the excess of 1.5cr approx which will be more than first Weekend. Below is daily estimated daily business for second Weekend.. Friday.. 30+lacs Saturday.. 55+lacs Sunday.. 65+lacs Total.. 1.5+cr Grand Total.. 3.52+cr Film is trending better than prequel also!   Detailed comparison with daily business of prequel for first 10 days will be posted shortly as soon as final numbers of sequel for 2nd Weekend are here!!

3 Bahadur 2 Week One Business Pakistan :: Excellent

3 Bahadur 2 has registered fantastic first Week with collections going a little over 2.15cr approx. Film did saw some fall on Monday after excellent trending over the Weekend but then Weekdays saw firm hold.. Film has seen best numbers coming in from Karachi followed by Islamabad! it's very rare that Islamabad actually put better numbers than Lahore! But same was situation with prequel also! But here Lahore has been extremely low! Weekend was slow and then Weekdays were down badly! Film left previous part's Week one by around 14lacs approx and now 2nd Week will decide if it can match first part or not! First Week numbers would have been up by atleast by 30% if Cinema situation was not that bad due to no release of Hindi films but yet film has grown over part one which is superb sign! Below is daily breakdown of the film.. Friday.. 32lacs Saturday.. 55lacs Sunday.. 63lacs Monday (revised).. 17lacs Tuesday.. 18lacs Wednesday.. 17lacs Thursday.. 15lacs Total.. 2.17cr Prequel had seen same Week two numbers like Week One and it will be interesting to see how 3 Bahadur 2 fare in 2nd Week!!

Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal Boxoffice Update Pakistan :: Low

Saya E Khuda E Zuljala saw a very low Weekend at domestic market! Film did manage to get some shows but couldn't utilize! Result was better than Salute released earlier but film couldn't grow over the Weekend. Film managed 13lacs approx on Day One which was low result but was not a washout and could have done well if it had got growth over the Weekend but it couldn't show any growth rather figures came down over the Weekend. Film is looking to finish Week under 50lacs approx and won't be adding much after.. Below is the breakdown of the film! Day One.. 13lacs Weekend.. 35lacs approx There was another release by Eveready Star Wars but couldn't do much as it could colect just 1.2cr approx over the Weekend which is even less than last year Star Wars release! It has seen big falls on Weekdays and won't be adding much!

3 Bahadur 2 Monday Business Pakistan :: Decent Hold

3 Bahadur 2 saw a decent hold on Monday with fall coming a little over 50%!! Film had seen fantastic trend over the Weekend with super solid occupancies in Karachi and Islamabad but on Monday things have slowed down every where.. Places like Islamabad have come down around 60-70% but it was expected as Islamabad was seeing close to packed occuoancies at leading plexes. Karachi saw big falls to at places which were running almost houseful but still it's a decent hold! Comparing to prequel, 3 Bahadur had collected 18lacs approx on Monday but that movie had not come in movement of crisis as 3 Bahadur 2 has come when cinema footfalls are down badly! Below is daily business of the film.. Friday.. 32lacs Saturday.. 55lacs Sunday.. 63lacs Monday.. 15lacs Total.. 1.65cr Film is looking to finish to finish Week One in region of 2cr approx and prequel had done business in same region too over the first Week.. Now it all comes down to 2nd Week. 3 Bahadur had seen no fall in Week two and same can be done here too as it will be a Christmas Week and there is no potential release and there holiday in schools which would give a good boost to the film!