Box Office

Munna Michael Thursday Previews Business Pakistan :: Very Low

Munna Michael has collected very less 5lacs approx from Thursday previews in Pakistan. Even though there were very limited number of shows for Thursday previews but still these numbers are terrible as capacity was for much more.. Last Tiger Shroff film A Flying Jatt also had Thursday previews shows and that film also had seen low numbers but still it was 3 times more than Munna Michael.. But A Flying Jaat had much more shows on Thursday Previews so it seems both films almost has seen same occuppancies in Thursday previews but with fewer number of shows Munna Michael should have done better.. A Flying Jatt had seen quite solid start on Friday with 70lacs approx.. Even though those numbers were not even half of Baaghi but still despite poor promos and pre releases negativity it was a good start especially in masses.. And Munna Michael will be chasing that number today and industry need it to not only beat that number but 1cr number today would be a better result! Film does have demand at many places so it has very good chances of registering best day one of 2017 for Hindi films..

Box Office Highlights

Jagga Jasoos Monday Business Pakistan :: Falls

As expected Jagga Jasoos has seen big fall on Monday in Pakistan.. Film had seen more than expected numbers on Friday hence this fall was always on cards as reports from majority of audiences were not good.. Film raked in 24.5lacs approx on Monday falling over 65% which is more than normal.. Fall has come almost everywhere and it has collected little under 2.5cr approx in 4 days and Week will finish over 3cr approx making it third biggest Week One of 2017 for Hindi films.. Below is daily breakdown of the film. Friday.. 72.68lacs Saturday.. 78lacs Sunday.. 71.32lacs Monday.. 24.5lacs Total.. 2.465cr

Mehrunisa V Lub U 3rd Weekend Business Pakistan

Mehrunisa V Lub U saw a fall of around 60% this Weekend compared to previous Weekend taking it's grand total a little short of 12cr approx.. Considering last Weekend had massive fall this Weekend should have held better but there were two new releases which further slowed film down and now it seems that film will easily fall short of 13cr approx.. Below is film's breakdown.. Week One (11 Days).. 10cr Week Two.. 1.58cr 3rd Weekend.. 40lacsa Total.. 11.98cr Film is a Hit thanks to less Distribution price and budget..

Jagga Jasoos Weekend Business Pakistan :: Beyond Expectations

Jagga Jasoos has collected 2.2cr approx over the Weekend In Pakistan.. Film has exceeded pre release expectations of 1.5cr by a huge margin of over 45%.. Film did get benefit of last minute delay of Project Ghazi but still it has performed well. As per early reports film has got some appreciations among kids but it's early to say that. If it turns out to be true than it can have some long and steady run at boxoffice! Below is daily business of the film.. Friday.. 72.68lacs Saturday.. 78lacs Sunday.. 71.32lacs Even though trending is not solid but film had opened beyond expectations hence holding to those levels is not a bad sign at all! Today is very crucial for the film..

Yalghaar Worldwide Update :: Below Average In Pakistan Disaster Overseas

With overseas data from all major territories falling in Yalghaar has emerged a big disaster in Overseas markets. Film couldn't even recover cost of releasing films in those markets.. Distributors have seen big losses in those markets.. Film has collected under 2.5cr approx from all territories till end of Sunday as per early estimates and it will end much below 3cr mark in Overseas.. And film had seen quite good release in these markets.. Below are estimated numbers from major markets.. USA.. 66lacs UK.. 60lacs Norway.. 5lacs Australia.. 15lacs UAE (estimates).. 1.25cr In Domestic market film has fared bit better but is not enough to recover distributor's price.. Film was bought by Eveready Pictures at record price and as per early estimates film has collected around 16cr approx by the end of third Weekend and won't be adding much from here on and will end run way below 17cr approx.. Below is estimated breakdown of the film.. Week One (11 Days).. 13.75cr Week Two (estimates).. 1.9cr 3rd Weekend (estimates).. 30lacs approx Total.. 15.95cr

Jagga Jasoos Day Two Business Pakistan

Jagga Jasoos had huge growth available on day two but film could just show a growth of little under 10%.. Film has performed beyond expectations this Weekend so far as it collected 78lacs approx on day two. Film is 2nd highest 2 day grosser of 2017 for Hindi films after Baahubali 2 which had shown huge huge 35+% growth on day two.. Film has collected little over 1.5cr approx in two days and Weekend should finish around 2.1cr approx which are way more than expected before release. Film did get boost of around 15% due to last minute no release of Project Ghazi.. Below is daily business of the film.. Friday.. 72.68lacs Saturday.. 78lacs Total.. 1.505cr Baahubali 2 had collected 1.6cr approx in two days and has biggest Weekend of 2017 for Hindi films so far and Jagga Jasoos will fall short of it..