Box Office

Fukrey Returns Weekend Business Pakistan :: Good

Fukray Returns has registered quite good opening Weekend with figures coming around 1.6cr approx.. Film had no star face and in those terms this opening is among biggest of all time.. Film's trending over the Weekend was not great as there wasn't much growth over the Weekend but that is always expected when a film opens beyond it's expectations.. Film had collected 55lacs approx on it's first day which was much above the real value of star cast hence growth was never likely after this start.. Film has registered very good numbers in leading multiplexes as comedy factor and appreciation of promos really helped film to take a good start.. It will be down to crucial Monday to see if it can go on to become a big hit or not! Film's prequel wasn't much of a grosser but sequel has taken start which is better than many big name films of the year as three day Weekend is in same range as Toilet Ek Prem Katha which featured Akshay Kumar.

Box Office Highlights

Verna Saturday Business Pakistan :: Very Good Pick

Verna got back on track on Saturday with massive pick o! Pick is almost 65% compared to Friday and every circuit saw big pick.. Rawalpindi/Islamabad had very good Friday but yet film saw a pick of over 25%.. Karachi was bit slow on day one and pick on second day was around 50%! Film had late release in Punjab and today Punjab saw a very big pick of 100%! Film had good numbers in Lahore but in masses it remained low otherwise this total would have gone over 1.25cr mark!! Even though numbers are not very big but they are very good considering genre and early mixed reviews coming for the film!! Film has raked in 1.12r approx on day two taking it's two days total around 1.8cr approx which is on the lower side considering the name of Shoaib Mansoor and Mahira Khan attached to it! But if film had proper release on Friday then this number would have gone toward 2.15cr in two days! Below is film's daily business Friday.. 68lacs Saturday.. 1.12cr Total.. 1.8cr

Tumhari Sulu Day One Business Pakistan :: Poor

Despite Verna having very late release in Punjab Tumhari Sulu has failed to create any type of impression at boxoffice! Film had same target audience as Qarib Qarib Single but day one number are not even half of day one numbers of Qarib Qarib Single. Film has raked in mere 8.3lacs on day one and after such poor start fate of the film is sealed already! Last Week release Qarib Qarib Single had raked in 80lacs over the Weekend and this one will even struggle to reach 35lacs over the Week. And it must be mentioned here that Qarib Qarib Single also had very low first Week.. Film's day one numbers are lowest in recent months for any Hindi film which had released here! From such low levels growth on day should have been big but problem here is this that Verna takes full control on day two and now that will make hard for film to even sustain these numbers on day two. Even Golmaal Again into it's 5th Week had better numbers at many places than first day of Tumhari Sulu.

Verna Day One Business Pakistan

Verna got hit badly by late release in Punjab! Punjab Censor Board has sent film to full panel which viewed film late hence Censor Certificate was issued late hence film saw shows from 8.30pm onward in Punjab! Punjab contributes the most at all Pakistan level hence numbers stayed on lower level overall!! Film has collected 68lacs approx on day one which is a slow result but this day one release can be said limited as film had so many hurdles at most places due to Censor issues!! Film has got huge potential of growth today as all circuits will be totally normal today and we will get real picture today.. Film has big name of Mahira Khan attached to it which will show strong numbers at metro places! Despite bad release due to Censor Issues film has done exceedingly well in Rawalpindi Islamabad where day one numbers are among top 5 day one numbers of 2017.. Film has been a bit on lower side in Karachi where day one numbers are almost similar to Rawalpindi/Islamabad despite circuit having much bigger potential!

Thor 2nd Monday and Tuesday Business Pakistan

Thor has seen falls on it's second Monday and Tuesday compared to second Friday but it looked likely as film had seen very good growth on second Friday! Fall on weekdays suggest that film won't see much numbers next Week as Verna is expected to take away most showings from film.. Film has collected 5.28cr approx in 12 days and will end Week two around 5.5cr approx! Film is performing best in Karachi but in Punjab film is facing tough time from Golmaal Again which despite in it's 4th Week is having better occupancies than Thor at many places.. Below is film's breakdown till now! Week One.. 3.82cr 2nd Weekend.. 1.23cr 2nd Monday.. 12lacs 2nd Tuesday.. 11lacs Total.. 5.28cr

Qarib Qarib Single Monday and Tuesday Business Pakistan

Qarib Qarib Single has seen quite big falls on Weekdays which always looked on cards as film had seen day one numbers bigger than what such films have got potential! Biggest issue with such films is this that they are completely dependent on content and due to non face value falls on weekdays are big.. Film has collected little over 68lacs approx over in 5 days and will finish Week around 77lacs approx!! Below is film's daily business Friday.. 18lacs Saturday.. 21lacs Sunday.. 17lacs Monday.. 6.75lacs Tuesday.. 5.85lacs Total.. 68.6lacs