Note:- Box office numbers are tracked & reported ‘exclusively’ by trade team of Boxofficedetail in Pakistan.Numbers provided here are unofficial estimates.

Disney’s Frozen 2 is shattering records globally. Indina Menzel and Kristen Bell starrer has grossed $ 343m from North America whereas global tally stands around $ 928m till now. The film has been shattering records in Pakistan from day one.

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Frozen 2 had registered 2nd biggest opening week of all time for animated films in Pakistan. The film then registered 4th biggest second week of all time. The film is now holding exceedingly well in third week too. The film had become highest grossing English language animated film in first two weeks.

As per estimates, Frozen 2 has crossed PKR 60 million mark by the of business on 3rd Wednesday making it first english animated film in the history to hit 60 million mark in Pakistan.

Below is Frozen 2’s estimated boxoffice breakdown till now in Pakistan.

Week One.. 33 million
Week Two.. 17.5 million
Week Three (6 Days).. 9.5 million
Total.. 60 million

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The film has holiday season ahead starting from next week hence Frozen 2 will have strong legs at the box office in coming weeks.


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