Na Maloom Afraad 2 is just two days shy of it’s mega release in Pakistan.. Film is surely going to be among top 5 opening Weekends of 2017.. Right now top 3 Opening Weekends of 2017 are Fast 8, Jab Harry Met Sejal and Yalghaar respectively.. Film won’t be challenging any of these releases as film is releasing a day before Eid which will be hit by Pre Eid hence will be slow on Day One.. Then Saturday will be first day of Eid ul Azha and numbers will be effected by festivities in the morning and afternoon.. Sunday will be best day for the film as it will be second day of Eid ul Azha and that day is best day of the year at boxoffice..

Despite first two days getting hit due to Pre Eid and Eid festivities plus a mega clash yet film will register mammoth numbers.. And on day three we will see very big numbers.. Industry is expecting massive 6+cr over the four day Weekend for the film and it seems right spot on as film will benefit a lot from Eid footfalls on Sunday and Monday plus film has managed some buzz also especially in Karachi and mass pockets.. Advance is slow overall but it is decent in Karachi and better than Punjab Nahi Jaungi.. We go little ahead of our industry expectations and forecast over 6.5cr four day Weekend for the film.. Film’s best comparison can be made with Yalghaar which released on Eid ul Fitr and was first choice of cine goers over Eid ul Fitr and that movie had collected 6.35cr over first three days but that film had better release timing and had easier clash compared to Na Maloom Afraad 2.. Film will see tough competition from Punjab Nahi Jaungi especially in Lahore and Lahore always contribute the most at boxoffice.. Below is daily forecast of the film by team boxofficedetail..

Friday (Pre-Eid).. 1.15cr

Saturday (Eid Day One).. 1.5cr

Sunday (Eid Day Two).. 2.1cr

Monday (Eid Day Three).. 1.9cr

Total.. 6.65cr

A lot was depending on how many shows film will get as it is coming opposite another biggie Punjab Nahi Jaungi, but film has got no issue in that department as it has got very good number of shows and they are more than Punjab Nahi Jaungi and it will lead over the Weekend unless reports come out very bad which seems unlikely.. Another hurdle for the film will be heavy rains predicted at many places across the country over next few days and if damage is made by rains then numbers might go below 6cr mark.. Real test for the film will be from Tuesday onward as it is a big budget film and due to clash film won’t be able to benefit completely from Eid release.. Actually market has not reached that optimum levels where two big films release on same date, both films will have to show very strong trending from Tuesday onward to become winners at boxoffice and this whole year no big film has managed to show solid trending at boxoffice, only Fast 8 had fair trending among biggies..


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