So we are just four days away from biggest clash of Pakistani Cinema.. Two such big budget films have never clashed before in Pakistan in recent year but yes we did see some clashes in recent times.. Issue right now is this that buzz of both the films is not justifying their budgets.. Na Maloom Afraad 2 has seen some promotions but issue with film is this that story telling seems similar to prequel which was not a big hit itself.. Punjab Nahi Jaungi on the other hand is just relying on the theatrical as promotions have not worked for film.. Coming toward star cast, Na Maloom Afraad 2 has edge there also as Fahad Mustafa has better pull over Humayun Saeed especially in Karachi and masses.. Music of both the films have not clicked among masses.. All in all both movies are looking to rely more on Eid audiences rather than film’s pull which is not a good sign, if this actually happens on Eid than we will see falls after Eid period like we saw over Eid ul Fitr..

Advance of both the films is very slow at leading multiplexes which is again not a good sign as these two are very big films plus it’s Eid release and still low advance.. But there are still few days left and we might see some pick but after such slow start how much pick can we see, places like Atrium, Nueplex and Ocean Mall have seen advance open for some days now but there are well below par which clearly shows that both films have failed to create big buzz.. Industry is already going through bad phase and these two big films must perform at boxoffice to give confidence to industry as there are many other ┬ábig projects in the pipeline.. Eid footfalls will ensure massive start but if both films are low at buzz then we will see sharp declines after Eid unless they have solid content..


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