Blackmail and Missing both saw very low start on day one with later having disastrous start.

Both Blackmail and Missing opened to very low numbers on Day One. Former had better shows and had more face value but still numbers came very low. Both the films looked like one Week long films but Blackmail had some chances if content had got appreciation.

Blackmail raked in 20lacs approx on it’s first day. Numbers are even lower than previous film of Irrfan Khan i.e. Qarib Qarib Singlle. It is going to be very uphill task for the film form here onward unless it shows miraculously big on day two.

Missing saw disastrous numbers on day one as it could rake in only little over 10lacs approx. Film has dead end ahead at boxoffice. Weekends of both the films will close under 1cr approx combined.


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