Will Smith and Martin Lawrence starrer Bad Boys For Life has surprised the whole trade in North America with excellent start. Third movie in the franchise, Bad Boys For Life was first slated to release on 17th Feb, 2017 but its release date has been changed several times.

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Despite so many changes in release date, the film is all set to rake in second biggest four day Martin Luther King (MLK) Weekend behind America Sniper’s ($ 107.2m). Before going into the weekend, trade in the Hollywood was expecting a four day weekend in range of $ 45-50m battling for second best MLK Weekend with “Ride Along 2” ($ 48.6m).

However, Will Smith starrer has shocked the whole trade by taking an excellent start on Thursday night previews bring in a January record $ 6.36m beating America Sniper’s $ 5.3m. Furthermore, the film is now looking set for a four day MKL Weekend in access of $ 70m making it second biggest opening weekend of All Time during MLK Weekend.

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If the early estimates are believed then the film will beat the life time numbers of the first film of the franchise in four days alone. Keep an eye out on this space for more details about Bad Boys For Life.


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