Baby is one of most awaited films of 2015 and is carrying mammoth pre-release buzz.. It gives a strong message that terrorism has no religion.. Movie is a story of special brach of commandos called BABY..

One rarely come across a film which has superb performance from whole cast and Baby is perfect example of that rarity.. Akshay Kumar delivers stupendous performance with some exceptional dialogues.. Rasheed Naaz as Maulana Saab has done exceptional work especialy with his tone.. K.K Menon has delivered another mind-blowing performance after Haider and Danny is superb as head of branch.. Anupam Kher is out-standing in his short role..

Script is tight and makes you stick to the seat till last minute.. Every single scene of the film is worth watching and makes you fall in love with it.. Director is hero here with exceptional work as Baby can easily be regarded as his best Work to date.. Rating the halves, each has it’s moments but it’s last part of 2nd half that is marvellous..

Background score is refreshing and well synced with fast pace of film and editing is excellent.. Despite long run of film director makes you not only sit to the seats but makes you leave the hall with demand of watching it again..

Overall Baby can be called perfection of cinema as you rarely find all perfect ingredients from cast to crew in one film.. It’s a must watch and don’t forget the out loud message “TERRORISTS HAVE NO RELIGION”..


Rating:- ****1/2


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