Azaadi Movie Poster

Azaadi Trailer Raises Expectations with very good response from viewers.

After the wait of more than a year, trailer of Azaadi released yesterday. Film has very interesting release date. Even more interesting is the star cast of the film. Momar Rana was the star of Choorian which is biggest hit of Pakistani Cinema in last 20 years but he hasn’t given any thing significant in recent years. It will be very interesting to see how cine goers react to his this venture. Sonya Hussain has gained some popularity with recent TV serial. But translating that viewership into boxoffice numbers will be uphill task. Hence film doesn’t have a big cast but it has very interesting combination.

Film’s trailer has all ingredients i.e. Action, Romance, Thrills, VFX and Dialogues.

Director has tried to put up everything in the trailer i.e. Romance, Emotions and Action. But where trailer stands out is the dialogues especially in the last quarter of the trailer. Subject with which film plays is excellent and will surely give film a big boost at boxoffice. Trailer has clearly given it’s message that it’s an all out film made on Kashmir cause and this will benefit it big time at boxoffice unless director messes up big time with story telling. Despite having many flaws in trailer and not a big star cast film, movie will have a solid start due to subject it is based on and release date. Response to trailer has come beyond expectations as early comments are very positive.

Film has been announced for Eid ul Fitr and now this is a big news for whole industry. There are already two big films lined up for Eid and now Azaadi makes it three films lined up. All three films will have very different target audiences and that makes this Eid very interesting. It’s very early to say that which of these three will open big but Azaadi has scored well with trailer and expectations are quite good from the film.


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