Avengers Infinity War Poster

With just two days away from it’s release, Avengers is breaking pre release records in Pakistan.

Avengers Infinity War is looking to shatter boxoffice records this Weekend. Film is easily the biggest release of the year and buzz around the film is mammoth. Advance started at places is massive and is more than any release in recent years. Movie has very big expectations attached to it and it will be interesting how it performs over the Weekend.

Numbers of shows given to film are unbelievably high. Few cinemas are going to give all shows on all screens to the film. Atrium Cinemas in first time in it’s 11 years will play only Avengers Infinity Wars over the Weekend at all Cinemas. Number of shows given to the film are going to be a new record for any release ever in Pakistan. Coming Friday will be like Eid Day in Pakistan as numbers will go sky high.

Right now opening day record is well over 3cr mark by Sultan followed by Fast 8. Film can hit that mark on it’s first day and With magnitude of shows it might go well beyond 3cr mark which will be tough but can’t be written off either. Previous Marvel film’s haven’t taken massive start but this one is looking sure for a record start. Many multiplexes will surely record best day one of all time for any film but to challenge opening day records film will have to create craze in mass circuits also. Now that’s where film will find a bit tough as none of previous Marvel film has even got excellent start in circuits. But Infinity Wars buzz is at sky high level right now and we might see those places recording very high occupancies.

It is very tough to predict any number for opening day right now but going by the advance sales so far and record numbers of shows film will easily go on for one of the biggest opening days of all time.


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