The contagious coronavirus has shook the whole world. Cinema industry has been hit badly like other industries. Cinema screens are closed in most part of the world as COVID 19 continues to spread fast.

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The only country which has managed to somehow contain the virus is China and now things are slowly getting back to normal in China. Over the past one week few cinemas have reopened as approximately 600-700 cinemas are currently open nationwide.

Though it is a very small percentage of cinemas that have reopened as none of the national chain of the country has yet announced reopening. However, it is expected that the cinemas will keep opening in coming days and the major Hollywood blockbusters are all set to be re released in China.

Avatar which was one of the biggest hits of all time in China will see its re release alongwith Avengers series which is highest grossing International franchise in China. Furthermore, Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Interstellar are also set to release in coming weeks.

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There is no confirmation on the release dates yet but the exhibitors and distributors are trying their best to resume the cinema going in the country.

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