As we have entered the last Ashra of Ramadan, Coke Studio has released a special video featuring Atif Aslam. The video has been released as “a humble expression of hope & solidarity, as we stand with humanity in these times.”

Recently, the Aadat singer was immensely praised for his recitation of Azaan. He also has a knack for sufi qalam as well as he has also covered Tajdar-e-Haraam and Wohi Khuda Hai in previous seasons of Coke Studio. Now he has made another addition to this by a beautiful recitation.

In this video, Atif Aslam recites Asma-ul-Husna ( the 99 names of Allah) with zeal. The names appear along with translations in English. The video has been shot and created by the team from their homes. The video has been making rounds on social media and is being appreciated a lot.

Many termed the video soulful, praised Atif and thanked him for this soothing recitation. The video has been produced by Xulfi.

Watch the soulful video with beautiful visuals and recite along.


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