“All is Well”, starring Abhishek Bachan in a solo project after a long time is about a dysfunctional family who end up going on a road trip which ends up bringing a lot of changes into their lives. The film has very few inspiring moments, the editing and screenplay has some flaws and the comedy isn’t all that funny and is even bizarre at times.

A lot of people might be shaking their heads in disbelief on how somebody like Umesh Shukla who made “Oh my God” ended up making “All is Well”. The plot is lazy and suffers from what a lot of Bollywood movies suffer from these days that is not enough logic to make audiences into believing the story. Don Cheema (Zeeshan Ayyub) is stereotypical Bollywood Don who has a bad hairstyle and likes to twirl a gun.The film has very few eye catching moments like the scenes between Bhalla(Rishi Kapoor) and his son Inder(Abhishek Bachan) involving them arguing but other than that there is nothing special.

The music is average with the track like “Aye mere humsafar” not fitting well even though is well sung. The acting is decent enough with Abhishek bringing his average game to the show while it was business as usual for Asin, Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak. Nothing is out of the ordinary in the acting department.

For the people wondering would the movie get better as it progresses the answer is no.


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