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Just like every episode of Alif, the last also left us teary eyed, immersed this somber mood but not in a bad way. Umera Ahmed’s story is one that leaves an impact even after the episode has ended. But it isn’t just the words and the dialogues that touch you, the way the story has been carried by Haseeb Hasan and the way it has been translated on screen is what contributes to a riveting drama that is Alif. We have said it before and will say it again the drama was certainly a visual treat as well. Special mention to the DOP and production team for making the drama visually alluring which amped up the viewing experience.

Life came full circle as Qalb e Momin not only got clarity in life, he also began to pursue what Abdul Ala left behind for him. Husn e Jahan may have lived a tragedy but Momin’s preconceived notions about her are finally proven wrong. The toxicity that he had held on for so long ultimately got cleansed. Momin writes the true story that the world never knew about her but was the one she deserved. Alif became a film about her journey from Husn e Jahan to Husna. Momina also found a new purpose and finally found peace that her conscience always sought. While much was lost, they managed to improve the life that laid ahead of them. Both began their journey full of purpose.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Aly and Kubra Khan really have done justice to Qalb e Momin, Momina Sultan and Husn e Jahan. The rest of the cast also fit their characters well. Ahsan Khan as Taha, Saleem Meraj as Sultan and Saifee Hasan’s performance should also be commended. As tragic and deep as the story is, they make us truly relate to the strides of Umera Ahmed’s characters. Alif not only had relatable characters it also managed to impart some important life lessons and reminders through them. In the midst of routine sensationalized saas bahu and triangular love stories, Alif offered viewers the luxury to pause, reflect and hold on to some significant principles as they go on with their respective lives.

The last episode of Alif -through Master Ibrahim- reiterated the concept that perceptions can be wrong and the door of repenting is always open. Judging someone from their past is not wise and it is a good idea to give others some margin instead of holding them accountable based on preconceived notions. Sultan finally got some the answer as to what really became of Husn e Jahan as well.

While the characters of the drama managed to get closure about the past and consequently a future outlook, it is the audience that didn’t get closure on one aspect. What became of Momina Sultan and Qalb Momin love story? While they found their individual path their love story was left open ended. Do they end up together or find peace in their individual journeys? If you ask me this is certainly a good potential for a sequel.

For someone who has not had the chance to read the novel before the television adaption, Alif comes off as a drama that is a must watch. It is certainly a timeless story giving one a different perspective on life, relation, struggles, spirituality and repenting. Alif is that heartwarming story that touches one’s soul and leaves a lot to think about.

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