Ali Zafar released his cricket anthem for 2020 yesterday. The song is titled Mela Loot Liya and the track has gotten phenomenal response so far. In less than 24 hours of its release the song has already garnered over 275k likes on Youtube.

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Ali Zafar had previously sung two songs for PSL and both got massive response but response to Mela Loot Liya is something not seen before for any cricket track. The song is already liked more than any PSL track till date in under 24 hours.

Ali Azmat, Arif Lohar, Asim Azhar and Haroon sung Tayyar Hain was official PSL anthem of the year and it was released last month and till date it has 111k likes on Youtube whereas it has gotten 84k dislikes. Ali Azmat had put the blame of this negativity of Tayyar Hain on Ali Zafar who later responded in satirical tone and has now brought his own cricket track.

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Mela Loot Liya is already a massive hit and the way it is going it has chances of becoming most viewed cricket track in Pakistan on Youtube.

Watch Ali Zafar’s Mela Loot Liya below.


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