Teefa In Trouble Movie Song

Ali Zafar starer Teefa In Trouble has not only broken the myth rather it has created new benchmark for the Pakistani Cinema.

Teefa In Trouble has done what others couldn’t do or even think to do. There was a myth created by some industry self claimed intellects that Pakistani film can’t do big business without being release on Eid. Riding on this myth our Eids get clustered with 3-4 releases every time and that makes it a very bad situation for all films clashing on Eids. Recent Example is Eid ul Fitr when four local films clashed and now Eid Ul Azha is going to see clash of three big films.

Amidst all this, Ali Zafar stood tall and took right decision of releasing his mega budget film on normal non Holiday weekend. Ali Zafar made excellent release strategy with Teefa In Trouble as with 20th July film got solo release and that made film take away all the shows and screenings. But one can’t fill those shows without content. Here content went right and film is now doing wonders at boxoffice.

In 19 days of it’s run film has collected around 23.5cr approx and is already 4th highest grossing Pakistani film of all time behind Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Actor In Law. It will beat Actor In Law coming Weekend and has chances of even reaching the other two by end of it’s run. In just 19 days of it’s run it has beaten most of the Eid releases of all time except the three mentioned earlier. Film will be hitting 25cr mark on coming Friday making it first ever non Holiday Pakistani film to hit that mark. This completely proves that it’s content that raises the bar and the makers need to understand this that if a film has rich content then it can create new boxoffice benchmarks even with non Holiday release.

Teefa In Trouble was extremely important film for the whole industry as makers had gone against all odds to bring their film on normal working day. And they have raised the bar to new levels even without any Holiday push. And film will probably remain highest grossing Pakistani film of 2018 which will be a big question mark to all those who are clustering Eids with so many releases.


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