Pakistani Actor and singer Ali Zafar has been very actively speaking up on the on going ignorance towards the coronavirus in Pakistan. While the number of cases in the country continue to multiply, many are not taking the matter seriously. While the general public taking the matter light is sad state of affairs what is even worse is the ignorance of Government official themselves.

Recently all schools and university were closed all across the country followed by a ban on public gatherings like weddings. However it is interesting that the Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar is out and about with a massive congregation behind him.

The picture showed the Chief Minister along with a huge crowd some wearing masks and some without them. Zafar also highlighted how it is the government that imposed section 144 and they themselves seem to be ignorant.

Ali Zafar later conducted a live session to lay emphasis on how dire the situation is and how to combat this pandemic. He stressed on the fact that people need to adopt social distancing and stay at home. Moreover the also came up with solutions to help those dependent on daily wages.

” Govt. should start a Corona Rashan Fund where Government and the people can pool in to provide food and basic necessities of life to the poor during this time while they are home. “

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Unfortunately, we still don't seem to have grasped the seriousness of the situation. We must adhere to social distancing and isolate ourselves unless absolutely necessary. Self quarantine. DO NOT shake hands and keep them clean at all times. Build up on your immune system and build awareness in the masses. All offices, schools, colleges etc. should shut down completely and staff should be given paid holiday. Govt. should start a "Corona Rashan Fund" where Government and the people can pool in to provide food and basic immunities of life to the poor during this time while they are home. Watch my detailed live session and share it to understand what may come ahead if we don't choose to fight this together on urgent basis. #corona #coronavirus #coronaviruspakistan

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More and more celebrities are speaking up and trying to educate people about the gravity of the situation. It is of utmost importance to adopt social distancing and limit outdoor activities to slow down the pandemic.


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