Social media campaigns and promotions have proved positive for Airlift as film has managed to create some good buzz at big metros of Delhi and East Punjab as these two places will have maximum target audience for the film.. Film earlier seemed to be having tough time from Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 but now it seems film will lead on day one and will lead lifetime also as erotic films usually doesn’t trend well at boxoffice..

Airlift is looking set to take very good start at plexes and the buzz so far indicate that first day will go over 10cr easily which is a good result as this genre film can grow exceedingly well on day two and with big National Holiday on Weekday film has very good chances of registering a very good first Week of over 70cr.. To achieve these figures film need to take off with 10+cr opening and then show good growth over the Weekend.. Going by buzz at the moment it seems double digit day one is looking certain and if film doesn’t reach that mark then it will be disappointing result and pulling off from there will be tough task..

Film doesn’t have big landing cost hence it seems that film has good chances of becoming first HIT of 2015..


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