Contagious coronavirus has hit the whole world hard as number of infected people have gone over 1.1 million with death toll reaching 60,000.

Governments around the world are taking measures to contain COVID-19. Celebrities are promoting social distance by self quarantining themselves. In such times Ahsan Khan is posting some very good Islamic videos with his kids.

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Ahsan Khan has been posting Holy Quranic stories with his kids on Instagram. Actor posted first video last week where he talked about the Habil and Qabil, sons of Adam. The kids also talked about Quranic verse which states that killing one human being is like killing the whole humanity.

The actor posted second video four days ago where the kids talked about King Abraha who had tried to destroy Holy Kaaba before Islam and Allah Almighty destroyed his army by sending giant birds. This has been mentioned in Suarh al Fil in Holy Quran.

The star posted third video yesterday where the kids talked about Ashab al Kahf.

This has been a really great initiative by Ahsan Khan to educate Quranic stories to the people on social media via his kids. And it is a really good thing to do during self quarantine.

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