sharmila faruqi on dirilis etrugul

Lollywood star Shaan Shahid has been extremely vocal about his displeasure with PTV broadcasting foreign content. The concern arose when Imran Khan endorsed renowned Turkish series Diriliş Ertuğrul. The show is being aired in Urdu on PTV home. While many have become fan of the show, Shaan believes we should create shows on our nation’s heroes and support own industry.

Meanwhile, another drama was announced by Senator Faisal Javed which would air on national television i.e Yunus Emre, which is based on a Sufi poet. The Prime Minister believes that the youth needs to be given content that promotes value and reminds them of their roots.

Taking notice of this another public figure has raised her concerns in this regard. Politician Sharmila Faruqi addressed the premiere in a Tweet and objected to the telecast of series.

“Why isn’t @ImranKhanPTI support & promote Pakistani drama series? Dubbing & promoting Turkish series one after the other on @PTVNewsOfficial doesn’t even make sense! We make world class dramas! ” wrote Sharmila Faruqi.

She also retweeted a quip made about the Prime Minister.

While some agreed with her statement many disagreed highlighting the key themes being explored in Pakistani dramas nowadays in general.

Moreover some pointed out how her concern is purely out of political reasons .

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